Exceptional Teletherapy

Exceptional Speech Therapy currently offers bilingual teletherapy for both speech therapy and occupational therapy services. Teletherapy is a convenient, effective and flexible way to provide therapy services virtually. Some of the pros to teletherapy include that this form of virtual therapy provides access to speech and occupational services at the comfort of your home, it focuses on your child’s needs in a natural environment, and empowers parents through coaching on how to use individualized therapeutic strategies and techniques! Teletherapy is an exceptional way of getting live feedback on how you can actively help your child meet their speech and occupational therapy goals by using the most up-to-date techniques that our therapists are specialized in. Currently we accept patients across Florida, South America and Canada. 

For more information on how to get started at Exceptional Speech Therapy or begin speech and/or occupational therapy services through teletherapy, please contact us at info@exceptionalspeechtherapy.com or call us at (786) 717-5649.

or call us at (786) 717-5649