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Teletherapy Works!

What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy uses live audio and video communication so that therapy services can be provided just about anywhere!

Who is it for?

Some children participate in teletherapy with minimal parental help, while others require full parental involvement.

Does it work?

Along with tons of supporting research, our therapists and parents have seen extensive progress in our children.

My two year old has been doing speech therapy with Nicole for a couple of months. From just speaking five to seven words, she is now speaking full sentences, asking questions, telling me how her day was, asking for help and using her verbs.

I cannot express all the gratitude I have for giving my baby the push, the confidence and guidance. Nicole surely knows how to do her job very well and has made a special bond with my baby!

– E.M. Becerra

Google Reviews

TeleTherapy has been easy transition for my child. Every session is full of learning and fun activities.

Rebecca and Mildred keep my child right on target. Both of them are highly skilled with years of experience working with families and special needs children. I am happy with his progress. This place is highly recommended.

– M. Ponce-Brito

Google Reviews

What materials do I need?

To receive teletherapy services, you need an electronic device with video/audio compatibility such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a stable internet connection.

Teletherapy is so easy–you should see how much we target with just a spoon!

Why are we exceptional?


We have highly-educated and highly-trained therapists. We stay current through frequent workshops with the most up-to-date techniques and strategies.


We offer engaging therapies in order to keep your child happy and eager to learn.


Not all children are the same and not all families are the same. We personalize each child’s therapy by addressing their needs and building on their strengths in order to achieve optimum success.


Our therapists love what they do! They are passionate and understanding to every child’s needs.


We are motivated by a child’s progress. A child’s hug, a child’s smile, a child’s laughter… are some of the things that make our therapists know that they are in the right career.

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