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Welcome to Exceptional Speech Therapy!

Exceptional Speech Therapy is a private family owned speech-language pathology and occupational therapy practice owned by Jennifer Osorio, M.S., CCC-SLP and Alfredo Piedra. Our vision is to provide the most exceptional speech-language therapy and occupational therapy obtaining the most satisfied clients by having the best educated, passionate and most caring certified and licensed therapists and clinicians.

Our specialists strive to reach the highest potential of each individual’s communication and occupational abilities and specialize in muscle based and traditional speech, language, social, gross motor, fine motor, sensory integrated, and feeding skills for all ages.

Additionally, we offer free 10-15 minute speech and occupational therapy screenings, adult therapy, graduate level college tutoring for speech-language pathology students, reading tutoring for children, and seasonal small group Exceptional Camps for young children.

Exceptional Speech Therapy is based out of Doral, FL; furthermore, we provide travel services throughout Miami-Dade County and Broward County, as well as virtual services throughout the state of Florida. We look forward to providing you with exceptional speech, language, feeding, and occupational therapy and thank you for visiting Exceptional Speech Therapy, Inc.

“We promise to uphold our values, to help, support, and guide you toward success.”

Children's speech therapy center in Miami, Florida, Exceptional Speech Therapy

Why are we exceptional?

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If you have any questions about speech therapy in Miami or Doral, Florida or would like to book an appointment for speech therapy, please call Exceptional Speech Therapy at 786.717.5649 or fill out the form below.

    Children's speech therapy center in Miami, Exceptional Speech Therapy Blog

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