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How to Become a Superb Supervisor

How to Become a Superb Speech and Occupational Supervisor From the moment we are brought into this world, we [...]

How to Become a Superb Supervisor2021-12-30T12:04:04+00:00

Benefits of Music on Child Development

Benefits of Music for Child Development Music is a staple in every stage of child development: newborns are soothed [...]

Benefits of Music on Child Development2021-12-30T10:25:39+00:00

Mask-Wearing and Children

Mask Wearing and Children As the months have ticked by since the start of the pandemic, it has become [...]

Mask-Wearing and Children2021-12-30T10:34:44+00:00


Wh-Questions Have you ever stopped to think just how many wh- questions (who, what, where, when, why) adults ask [...]


Visual Schedules!

Benefits of Using a Visual Schedule Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, everyone’s routine has changed, and everyone feels it, [...]

Visual Schedules!2021-12-30T10:42:02+00:00


Praxis Prep!  For you soon-to-be speech graduates, this post is for you! Having graduated May 2019, the anticipation and [...]

PRAXIS Prep!2021-12-30T12:03:53+00:00

Summer Activities for Your Kids

At-home Summer Activities for your Littles! Summer has officially arrived! Summer 2020 may feel a little different than other [...]

Summer Activities for Your Kids2021-12-30T12:05:20+00:00

Occupational Therapist Tips

Occupational Therapist Tips On Interviews You’ve worked so hard during your school years to receive your graduate’s degree in [...]

Occupational Therapist Tips2021-12-30T11:02:16+00:00

Children’s Tantrums and Meltdowns

Children's Tantrums and Meltdowns You’re at the toy store and you happen to notice a toddler crying and screaming [...]

Children’s Tantrums and Meltdowns2021-12-30T11:06:18+00:00

All About Children Stuttering

What is Stuttering? Imagine you’re at the ice cream store and you hear the following phrase from a customer: “I [...]

All About Children Stuttering2021-12-30T11:14:22+00:00
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